Avocados from Spain

Andalusian avocados

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In our tiendadefruta.com you will have the possibility to buy the highest quality avocado online in every season of the year.

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Where to buy decent avocados, mangos and custard apples?

Obviously on our website you can buy top quality avocados directly from our farm.

Buy avocados online Are you tired of wasting money on tasteless fruit and hollow or fibrous avocados?

Buy andalusian avocados, the best subtropical fruit is grown in Malaga and Granada and is tastier than imported avocados.

Benefits of avocado: Is it tropical and grown here?

Yes, thanks to our special climate close to the Mediterranean and surrounded by mountains and especially the Sierra Nevada we have the necessary conditions to grow the Persea Americana and other exotic fruits far away from the tropical and intertropical zones.

Are Spanish avocados and mangoes better than imported ones?

Don't forget that avocado is a fruit, so to affirm that it is better is a subjective variable, but we can affirm that they ripen longer on the tree, with which the flavours are more defined and the accumulation of fat and sugars is much greater than imported fruit for the simple reason that we are closer to the demanding markets (EU).

What other fruits are grown in the Axarquia and Costa Tropical of Granada?

In our subtropical fruit farm we have opted for variety and in fact we grow up to 25 different types of fruit: guava, dragon fruit, mango, custard apple, avocado?

Where can you buy tropical fruits from the Axarquia and Costa Tropical?

You can enjoy our fruits at home by ordering online through our website.

Are they really cheaper than those coming from Latin America?

Yes, and tastier too because we are closer and we don't need to pick them when they are green. There are no import tariffs as we grow them in Andalusia and there is no prohibitive transport such as by plane.

When is the right time to buy each fruit?

We have a calendar on the website, but you can ask for it by whatsapp.

Do you make jams with tropical fruit?

Of course, we make guava, mango, loquat, custard apple and passion fruit jams.

Avocado tattoos: a collection of designs

Body art has been around for a long time, but lately avocado tattoos have gained a lot of popularity.

Because when you cut into an avocado, one half is left with the stone and the other half with the hole, it has become the modern version of the "old-fashioned half-orange".

Avocado plant:

How to graft avocados and when is the best time or season to do it.

The avocado plant is the jewel in the crown of many gardens, but it is true that we have to wait between 10 and 15 years to harvest the first fruits unless it is grafted.

This way we can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to only 2-3 years and reduce the risk of getting an unwanted variety. Get ready to enjoy its high vitamin and healthy fat content.

What is grafting and why should I graft my avocado?

Grafting is a botanical solution to combine the genetic material of two plants into one. It is generally used to shorten waiting times for harvesting fruit or in order to benefit from a particular property that is characteristic of one of the two plants to be joined.

In our tropical orchard we generally use it to better adapt the rootstocks to our specific climate as we have long periods of drought and temperatures that are not native to various cultivars such as avocado.

The part of the plant to be grafted to obtain the improvement is called graft and the part that is rooted to the ground is called rootstock.

It is important to know that only plants that are of the same genus and family can be grafted.

The success rate will depend on the skill of the grafter and above all on the compatibility between the two varieties.

Avocado to buy: What is needed for grafting?

It is very important that the recipient tree is fully adapted to the local region and microclimate in order to be successful. Planting hass avocado is the most demanded solution, but it is not necessarily the optimal solution in your city.

The buds should be at least 10 centimetres long and should be selected from perfectly healthy trees that we know are not prone to disease and, if possible, have high yields.

The buds should have a few small ones in the axillary part (between the stem and the leaf) that are about to open. They should be about 1 cm wide and chosen from a strong branch that is no more than two years old and has become wood.

Avocado plant: Planting avocado seeds

It is important that it weighs more than 35 grams, looks healthy and above all that no more than 3 days have passed since you opened the avocado.

To graft an avocado, it is necessary to have sterilised material such as a special grafting knife, plastic grafting tape, and a grafting scissors.

Forget the typical grafting scissors, they miss more than a shotgun.

To obtain a higher success rate it is essential that the scions are properly preserved and if possible graft them the same day they are harvested.

How is grafting done?

There are several varieties of grafting but for grafting an avocado it is more interesting to graft a lateral veneer.

For those trees that you want to "cross" it is important to prune it on the branch that you want to do it or even at the base of the trunk.

The best time to graft avocados is in spring, as the plant has enough reserves accumulated over the winter to develop and the amount of nutrients is greater.

Grafting in spring also ensures that the plant has had a chance to develop sufficiently in the summer to withstand the winter. Remember that vegetative growth slows down and even stops in the winter season.

What is avocado grafting like?

First of all, cut the carrying branch about 3 centimetres off, making a small incision to attach the graft.

The scion is cut at an angle to make it coincide with the branch so that they are fused together.

The fusion will be bundled with an appropriate grafting tape making a slight pressure to match their vessels.

After one month it is necessary to remove the plastic as it could suffocate the branch and damage the growth.

Care for a grafted avocado tree

It is preferable that the grafted part does not get wet, as it could spread fungus and fail.

The plant should be well nourished and watered at the time of grafting.

If possible, less exposure to the sun can be beneficial for the success of the graft.

Avocado recipe : Alternative ways to eat stuffed avocados

Avocados stuffed with shrimp

Healthy doesn't have to be at odds with tasty, so we recommend this lesser-known variation on the avocado cocktail. It can be served cold and is very light. It is very rich in fibre so you will benefit from a better intestinal transit and the oleic acid that is so good for your health.

Avocado stuffed with chicken salad

This variant is made with avocado hass stuffed with chicken, celery, red onion, mustard, mayonnaise and pieces of bonito or crispy bacon.

Avocado stuffed with nopalitos

These stuffed avocados are compatible with a detox diet, healthy and above all delicious. They contain fatty acids that improve your health and cleanse your arteries.

Baked avocado stuffed with egg whites

Believe it or not, avocado can also be baked and delicious. We recommend it for a good brunch of the record ;)

Buy Hass avocados from Malaga and the Costa Tropical in just a few clicks.

In this incredibly simple way you will be able to enjoy a fruit that contributes to your wellbeing and health but above all to your palate. At tiendadefruta.com we try to keep the natural in a natural way.

Tiendadefruta.com grows seasonal products on its family farm. We encourage the espeto by Nature: sessions of sun, together with a lot of patience for the ripening process.

What is avocado good for?

Above all to regulate your cholesterol and if you are pregnant for your folic acid intake.

Avocado improves your blood pressure and is good at all times of life and should only be eaten in moderation by overweight people. Because of the many benefits of avocado, its regular consumption is highly recommended.