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Finger limes: The most exotic of lemons

Finger limes, also known as caviar lemon, is a citrus fruit of the Microcitrus australasica family, grown on a thorny bush in the rainforests of Australia. Its size, shape, color, acidity and flavor can vary depending on the variety.

The segments are filled with small pulpy seeds (which we call "pearls").

What to do with finger limes?

These pearls burst in the mouth and give a more pronounced lemon zest and freshness than a simple lemon juice. The playful and original aspect of this fruit appeals to cooks, pastry chefs and food lovers alike. It can easily be used in sweet and savory recipes, depending on the season.

Simple, original and festive, succumb to this unique natural condiment. Discover this citrus fruit so appreciated by chefs and pastry chefs, and have fun trying it in your savory and sweet recipes, and even in your cocktails!

Finger limes for sale:

Depending on availability, the price of citrus caviar in Spain is around 70-80€.

What are finger limes?

The Californian is an American variety of yellow caviar lemon of the Microcitrus australasica family.

It is the fruit of a beautiful thorny shrub that likes tropical climates. Long and slender, almost seedless, with a size of 60-90 mm. as big as a gherkin!

Citrus caviar cultivation in Spain

This crop has proliferated in the Levante region of Spain, but it is better adapted to the subtropical conditions of our tropical orchard in La Herradura due to its greater sunshine and more benign temperature, similar to that of its natural habitat

The skin is very aromatic, from green to dark green when fully ripe. Zero waste, you can use the peel in your dishes to give it an explosive touch.

With a texture comparable to caviar, its crunchy pearls create an incredible mouthfeel, with an almost translucent champagne color typical of the Californian variety.

Its pearls will add a touch of acidity and freshness to your recipes.

Finger limes recipe:

Throughout the seasons, lemon caviar will be your ally in easy, festive and original recipes, whether savory or sweet, as an appetizer, starter, dish, cocktail, dessert or sauce.

How to eat finger limes?

You can make spectacular for example, *a chocolate mousse, *a gin and tonic, a honey vinaigrette, *a smoked salmon makis with fennel and apple, *a bruschetta of radish and tarama, *a fillet of sea bass with champagne, *tuna tacos, lemon caviar and herbs, *a guacamole, *a hummus, a chicken with crayfish *macaroons of lime and chocolate, a heart of lemon and caviar ....

The ideas are numerous. Do not set yourself limits and turn your recipes into succulent dishes worthy of the great chefs. But above all, avoid preconceived ideas, lemon caviar goes just as well with meat as with fish...

Finger limes from Spain: Tips for use

  •         Cut the lemon caviar lengthwise with a sharp knife.
  •         Scrape the pearls with the knife blade to extract all the pearls.
  •         Add the desired amount of pearls to your recipe or dish composition.
  •         You can also use the peel. It contains many nutritional qualities.

How to preserve finger limes?

To get the most out of your lemon caviar, we recommend that you keep it in a cool place, in the refrigerator, away from humidity

If you do not use all the lemon caviar, we recommend that you remove the pearls and place them in a glass container suitable for food storage.

What does citrus caviar taste like?

The taste of citrus caviar is sour and bitter, which makes it ideal for contrasting with other flavors. It is used for fish and seafood because of its freshness and aftertaste.

The fruit of the trees we have on our farm is dark and elongated but can be yellow, pink, green or purple tones.

The interior contains spheres that delight the most select gin and tonics.

Citrus caviar origin:

This citrus fruit whose Latin name is citrus australasica is the protagonist of contemporary nouvelle cuisine.

The origin is from Australia, specifically from the northernmost part of the country, which has a subtropical climate.

Finger limes trees:

It develops as a shrub and reaches 8 meters if it is not pruned. Its branches have numerous spikes that make harvesting difficult, it is advisable to prune it every year so that it has a shape that is easy to handle, otherwise it tends to become an impenetrable boll.

The caviar lemon needs regular watering: in summer, the substrate should be kept moist; in winter, 1 or 2 cm of the surface can be left to dry out. For beautiful foliage and good fruiting, apply a special citrus fertilizer in spring

Finally, as far as pruning is concerned, young plants should be pruned to give them a harmonious shape, then an annual maintenance pruning is recommended.


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