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Keitt Mango

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Mango Keitt Spain is a variety that is not so well known but of very high quality

The Keitt mango has a different morphology to the rest of the commercial mangoes grown in Andalusia. Its shape is oblong and it can weigh up to one kilogram; however, its average weight is around 550 grams

What is its colour?

At the beginning it has a green pigmentation, but as it ripens it turns violet and red.

What does it taste like?

This mango variety has a very particular taste as it develops a citric acidity that leaves a very refreshing aftertaste after consumption. It is also true that this mango has considerably less sugar than the best known varieties in the area.

When is the Keitt Mango harvested in Spain?

It is a very late fruit, in our area it is usually harvested at the end of October, but on our farm we extend the season until Christmas time so that you can enjoy this gourmet mango.

Is it a mango without strands?

Yes, it is a type of mango that you can eat almost with a spoon because of its fineness; also, in relation to the size of the fruit it has a smaller seed than other varieties

Properties and benefits of the Keitt mango

Mangoes are ideal for vitaminising your body, and they also make digestion easier due to the amount of vegetable fibre they contain.

Its high beta-carotene content benefits the elasticity of your skin and the antioxidants help to prevent coronary diseases.

Vitamin A, ideal for preserving your retina, and Vitamin C are also present in its composition.

The cultivation of Keitt mangoes has a great future on our Tropical Coast.

Our box contains around 4,5kg. of mangoes.


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