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Red dragon fruit | Tienda de Fruta


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Dragon fruit grown in Andalusia

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Where dragon fruit grow?

We grow open air Pitaya in Almuñecar, you can actually come and visit us in our farm 

Where dragon fruit from?

The pitaya or pitahaya is a type of cactus that comes from America. Its cultivation has spread all over the world and we are currently developing it on our farm

pitaya fruit

Are dragon fruit good for you?

There are many varieties with different colours and flavours, we are selecting the best ones to offer you a healthy range of exotic flavours.

Why dragon fruit is expensive?

Its water content is very high, as well as vitamins (B1, B2, B3, C) and micronutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, which are essential for your body to function properly.

Studies have apparently been published indicating that it lowers cholesterol and strengthens your immune system against colon cancer

Can dragon fruit cause pink urine?

It is a powerful diuretic that will help you stay hydrated, will make your skin look younger and above all improves intestinal transit avoiding constipation. Dragon fruit seeds contain captin, a molecule that protects the heart from arrhythmias. But it is not common to taint your urine into pink

How dragon fruit taste?

We recommend eating it as it is, as a fruit. The pulp can be cut and eaten like a kiwi fruit, or chopped to garnish a healthy salad.

Generally, imported pitayas have less flavour as they are harvested green to reach the European market; this is not our case as we harvest them as soon as you place your order, with all their flavour and aroma.

Some people strain it to avoid the seeds, but as we mentioned before, it contains heart protectors that we prefer not to use.

Another use, especially the pitaya with deep red pulp, is as a colouring agent; you can make a small coulis and use it as a garnish or to colour a hummus.

Are dragon fruit and kiwi related?

No, they are actually from different families although it may look like they have the same kind of flesh


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