Caja Pitaya - Aguacate - Chirimoyo (Aprox. 4,5kg.)


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Box of approximately 4.5kg. of pitayas, avocados and cherimoya; the distribution is approximately 1/3 weight of each fruit. All our crops are grown in the open air, the pitaya is NOT imported

What are the properties of pitahaya?

It is a powerful antioxidant, as it contains a lot of beta-carotene it will help to maintain a firm and elastic skin as well as protect your corneas from UVA radiation

If you have intestinal problems you are in luck because it regulates its function and protects you from constipation

As it contains so much water and is very satiating due to its fibre, it is a very good fruit for weight loss.

It strengthens your defences and protects you from infections

Did you know that Spain, and more specifically our Costa Tropical, is the world's main producer of Custard Apple?

The custard apple season in our area has been extended thanks to the manual pollination of the fruit. Previously it was between October and February, but the management of pruning has achieved early cherimoya fruit by September and late cherimoya fruit almost until June. The latter are called florones in our jargon.

Objectively speaking, we can say that thanks to the properties of the cherimoya, it is a fruit that should be an essential part of a varied diet.

A note about avocado:

It is very good for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Because of its high folic acid content, it prevents premature births and a correct development of the spinal cord and especially the brain.

Vitamin A and omega 3 will also help the baby's skeleton to form homogeneously, so don't deprive yourself and eat avocado.

When to tell if avocado is ripe?

If the avocado begins to soften with little pressure you will then be sure it's almost there to eat. Depending on the varietal you may see that the skin turns darker, but it green avocados such as Fuerte or Bacon, the colour won't change, so you will have to rely on your tact


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