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Guava leaves

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Content: 90 grams of freshly harvested guava leaves

Guava leaves benefits

Guava leaves have antimicrobial properties. They are a great home remedy for diarrhoea

Guava leaves tea is also good for regulating blood glucose levels

The appearance of the leaf is a determining factor in the choice of a good tea, which is why we recommend that you do not buy tea in tea bags, as you will not be able to appreciate the colour, aroma and size of the leaf

Benefits of guava leaves sexually

In the world of tea it is important that the leaf retains its integrity, generally in tea bags what is added is the powder of those leaves that have withered or broken in the process of drying and packaging

As we have mentioned in other products such as custard apple leaves; one of the determining factors when it comes to better appreciate the flavour of these teas is the water.

Guava leaves water

The water can contain numerous minerals that will provide qualities but will also alter the taste; it can be weakly mineralised like Bezoya, or have a medium mineralisation, which will be more neutral when it comes to making this drink.

It is important that you have a thermometer at hand, or a kettle/kettle with a temperature gauge. Each tea has an optimum temperature for infusion, in this case we recommend an infusion of about 6 minutes at a temperature of 95ºC.

The brewing equipment you have is very important, if you can choose a french press or a cast iron kettle with a filter and preheat the cups before enjoying.

Guava leaves medicinal uses

Leaves of several fruits are oftenly used as medicine. Guava leaf is known for stomach and intestinal conditions, high pressure, wound healing, pain and controls diabetes

Guava leaves tea

Several scientific publications have stated evidence that the traditional use of guava leaf tea as a natural anti-diarrheal treatment

guava leaves how to make tea

guava leaves near me

You can come and visit our farm or order them online through our website, we will gladly send them to you within 24 hours

where can i buy guava leaves

You can buy guava leaves through our website, please understand that they will be freshly picked for you so that you can enjoy the aroma and benefits

guava leaves for hair growth

Some studies indicate that guava leaves are good to boost hair growth, but certainly won't make it grow if you suffer from alopeciae

where to buy guava leaves is your best choice, freshly picked from our farm in La Herradura (Spain)


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