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About us

Our fruit is grown with care in a privileged valley in Almuñécar, the heart of the Costa del Sol Tropical, protected by mountains and views of the Mediterranean on the border between Málaga and Granada.

We are committed to Nature and to bringing an authentic taste from the field to your home; no ripening chambers or intercontinental shipments by boat. That's what our tropical fruit tastes like: fruit!

Now you can buy fruit online with the maximum guarantee of quality and transparency.

You no longer have any excuse not to lead a healthy lifestyle, start a detox diet or go vegan.

Buying avocados, mangoes, custard apples, dragon fruit or loquats has never been so easy; with just one click in 24 hours we send them to your home, harvested exclusively for you, from the tree to your home preserving all the aroma and nutritional benefits, always in their optimum state of ripeness.