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  • organic tropical fruit jam

Cherimoya organic jam | Tienda de Fruta

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Tropical fruits organic marmalade: cherimoya 

The custard apple is an exceptional fruit for making jam and is produced by the cherimoya tree.

This plant belongs to the Annonaceae family, like the guanabana, and has its origins in Peru.

Nutritional values of our custard apple jam from organic farming:

Ingredients: Custard apple (72%) cane sugar (27%) lemon juice, agar-agar and ascorbic acid (E-300).

Average content per 100g of product:

  •     Energy: 121 Kcal
  •     Protein: 0,05g
  •     Carbohydrates: 29,50g
  •     Fat: 0,1g

Health Registration 21-0025161/GR

How big is the cherimoya?

The average size of this tropical fruit is about 180 grams, and it is classified into different categories when it is marketed

The skin of the custard apple is very sensitive and thin, which together with its rapid ripening makes it a logistical challenge to transport, as it deteriorates easily.

What is its colour?

The colour of the custard apple is green and you can distinguish the ripening when it starts to change a couple of shades of white.

The flesh of the custard apple is white and has black seeds

Are cherimoya seeds poisonous?

Cherimoya seeds are potencially poisonous only if crushed and in a large consumption. It is actually used as a natural insecticide that may only prevent insects from attacking, but completely safe for mammals

Cherimoya, how to eat? What does custard apple taste like?

The custard apple is very juicy and has a very characteristic sweet taste and fragrance.

What's cherimoya good for? Properties of the cherimoya

Among the main properties of this exotic fruit is the high content of proteins, iron, calcium and phosphorus. It protects the heart and helps regulate blood glucose levels.

Organic jam without sugar

Our jam is ideal for those who do not enjoy custard apple pips, and especially for sportsmen and women and pregnant women.

Cherimoya where to buy?

If you're looking for cherimoyas online, we can guarantee the highest quality producing them in our farm in Almuñécar (Spain) you can order them online

Best organic jam award year 2019


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