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Organic Jackfruit canned | Tienda de Fruta


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Jackfruit canned

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Jackfruit, the most voluminous tropical fruit that passes for meat

Jackfruit, or Jackfruit is in fashion especially for its versatility, benefits and properties

You don't have to look any further to know how to choose the best jackfruit

In fruit store we bring you an alternative outside the harvesting season of this delicacy.

It is this organic, sustainable and versatile preserve with all the flavor to prepare your most daring gastronomic creations with this vegetable meat option

What is jackfruit?

Another of its names is jackfruit, as we mentioned in our blog, it is the most voluminous fruit in the world, there have even been recorded specimens that exceeded 35 kilos in weight

It comes from Asia and it is very common to find it along roadsides and near wet areas. In Bangladesh it is even the national fruit and they are very proud to cultivate this gigantic tree that can yield up to 1000 kilograms of fruit in season

Once you have tasted raw this exotic fruit with a taste between tangerine and mango, you will realize that its texture is very particular

It has a crunch and a meaty texture that reminds (saving distances) of pulled pork. It is precisely this consistency that has catapulted it to fame, as it lends itself to multiple creations in the kitchen

Jackfruit is the most famous vegetable meat

It is suitable for vegans as it is a 100% vegetable product, rich in minerals, fiber, calcium and low in calories, sugars and fat

Jackfruit recipes

Some of the most promising recipes are hamburgers, meatballs and even croquettes, sure to surprise your loved ones

Why do we recommend buying Jacky F's Bio Jackfruit products?

Basically because our principles coincide with theirs, it is a fair, sustainable and organic certified food

They strictly apply working conditions and decent prices with small farmers like us.

They are an SME eager to change the rules of the game and promote a fairer and more logical world in the way we feed and nourish ourselves.

As you can see on the back label, the ingredients are pure: organic jackfruit, water, sea salt and organic lime juice.

The transport by which they are exported is the most respectful: the boat and the packaging are BPA free, free of toxins and as sustainable as possible.

Can of 400 grams

We hope you enjoy it!


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