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Fresh Loquat leaves

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90 grams freshly harvested

Loquat leaves have many properties

The loquat has two varieties, one German and one Japanese.

The origin of this plant is Japan, where its properties are known and where it has been used in alternative medicine since the first dynasties.

On our farm the loquat trees are grafted onto quince rootstock, so that they are fully adapted to the soil and local characteristics.

It is currently a crop in decline due to its constant maintenance requirements and the delicate nature of its sensitive skin which darkens at the slightest touch.

Loquat leaves healing properties

It flowers at the end of autumn and the fruit ripens in spring. Its taste is sweet with some acid traces that will leave you with a pleasant aftertaste after consumption.

We are working on making loquat preserves in syrup and we are already marketing the jams

How to prepare loquat leaf tea is an art. In the fruit shop we recommend a ratio of 1:6, which means that for every gram of leaf, we provide 6ml of water.

In our area we call this fruit loquat, but the correct name is níspero or níspola

As we commented in our blog, it is essential to use bottled water, this way you will be able to get a cleaner cup and taste in a purer way the aromas and fragrance that the loquat leaves give off.

We recommend Lanjarón water for your infusions, and above all for making coffee, not only because it is native to our area, but also because of its balanced mineral content.


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