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Cherimoya leaves 

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Cherimola leaves are said to contain many acetogenines.

Leaves are harvested on demand

90 gram freshly harvest price

Cherimoya leaves benefits

Custard apple leaf tea is a great antioxidant. The poniphenols in these leaves protect you from premature aging and neurodegenerative diseases.

Studies suggest that Annona cherimola leaves regulate blood glucose levels, lowering the amount if they are at a high level, and increasing it if they are too low.

The leaves are rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from sun damage and delay cell aging. A herbal tea made from custard apple leaves simmered in water can be consumed once a day.

Custard apple leaves also have antibacterial and antiviral properties.

One of the ways to benefit is to make a slow infusion by leaving the leaves in hot water for at least 6 minutes. In this way, most of the nutrients deposited in the leaves will be transferred to the water

If you prefer you can add stevia to sweeten the infusion a little, but we use avocado honey

We recommend you not to be afraid to prepare teas that seem to be too strong, the ritual of preparation influences a lot, the temperature of the water, glass or cast iron teapot ... are details that change the flavor; even the water you use in the cooking will add flavor

It is important that you always prepare the custard apple leaf infusion with bottled water

In our barista initiation workshop we showed you how to translate water labels; the dry residue, bicarbonates etc. will give you an idea of the taste of the water; some like Solán de Cabras contain too many minerals, others like Bezoya hardly have any and will suck properties from the tea; therefore the ideal is an intermediate water such as Lanjarón which has this composition Dry residue: 131. Bicarbonates: 105.

Another important point is the type of infuser you use, if you opt for a french press you will be able to savor the aroma of the custard apple leaves in all its splendor, but if on the contrary you use a metal infuser with a ball or spoon you will be depriving yourself of a good part of the aroma of the cherimoya leaves

A detail that should not be overlooked is to preheat the cup; surely if you go to an upscale coffee shop you will see that the cups are stacked upwards on the coffee pot. Well, this is done so that you do not burn your lips on contact with the ceramic, and secondly so that the cup is not cold and absorbs the temperature of the tea.

Finally the ratio is important, in this case we propose a ratio of 1:6, this means that for each gram of tea, add 6 parts of water, for a cup of 5 grams of custard apple leaf we would add 30ml of water.


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