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Starfruit from Spain

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Fresh Starfruits from Andalusia, grown and harvested with love

box with approx. 4,5kg. 12-20 units box dimensions 39x28x14cm

Buy fresh starfruit online direct from farmer in Andalusia

The Averrhoa Carambola also grows proudly on our farm in Almuñécar.

It is an exotic fruit highly valued in Asian cuisine, originating from Indonesia and Malaysia. Crunchy and smooth from lime yellow at the beginning of ripening to a bright golden colour when it reaches its optimum

What the carambola tastes like: depending on the state of ripeness, it can vary from a fine citrusy bitterness to an intense sweetness like that of a ripe banana.

How to eat the carambola is easy, as it is completely edible. It is necessary to wash it well before eating, and then make sections of one centimetre wide that will give us as a result a star of five peaks ideal for your green papaya salad very well known in Thai cuisine, which you can see in our YouTube channel link.

How to preserve the carambola is simple, it will keep for up to 3 weeks when refrigerated

The properties of the carambola are several, among them its high soluble fibre content favours the control of sugar and fat levels, decreasing the predisposition to diabetes, constipation and bad cholesterol. It contains many antioxidants and vitamin C, great for hair and skin.

Starfruit takes centre stage in quality cocktails

This fruit is dedicated to the physicist Averroes and is known among children and adults as Carambola. Cordoba is the city that saw the birth of this magnificent scientist who was inspired by its parks on the banks of the Guadalquivir.


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