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Carob pods

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Carob, a very complete and nutritious foodstuff

It is a forgotten food that was very important after the civil war.

Carob pods, a seed rich in fibre

Just like cocoa and its delicious beans, carob seeds are perfect for indulgence at the same time. In addition to their sweet, chocolatey taste, which is a good substitute for cocoa, carob seeds are exceptionally rich in fibre, protein and vitamins.

What is carob?

When we talk about carob, we commonly refer to the fruit of the carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua). This tree belongs to the fabaceae or legume family (like lentils!), which includes many trees in tropical and Mediterranean regions

The carob tree appreciates warm, dry climates. Without these climatic conditions, it cannot produce fruit. This is why the carob tree is said to be a "thermophilic" tree. The carob tree grows mainly in the Mediterranean region (Portugal, Spain, North Africa)

Carob trees in Andalusia

The longevity, the massive trunk, the rough bark, the giant leaves and the hanging pods of the carob tree make it a real botanical curiosity. But in cooking and herbal medicine, it is the seeds of the carob tree that are of most interest

After flowering, the carob produces long green pods, each containing a dozen seeds. However, they are not harvested until the following summer, when the pods are ripe and have turned a nice brown colour

The pods of the carob tree are the origin of its scientific name. "Ceratonia" comes from the Greek "κεράτια" meaning "small horn" in reference to the curved shape of the pods. The Latin term "siliqua", on the other hand, simply means "pod".

Even today, the carob tree has many uses. Its wood is used in marquetry, its seeds are used in some soft drinks, for the production of chewing gum and confectionery, and its seeds are used in the production of chewing gum.

Carob seeds are also an excellent substitute for chocolate in sweet preparations. They are used in the production of carob flour, which is naturally gluten-free.

Where to buy carob?

Currently, Spain, Morocco and Italy are the three main producers of carob. The seeds are not only sold to the food industry. Their fibre, protein, vitamin and antioxidant content also make them a very interesting superfood for health. You can buy carob online on our website

The carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua) is a clear example of the Mediterranean forest. It comes from the shores of the Mediterranean.

Believe it or not, Spain is the world's leading producer of carob

It played a very important role in alleviating shortages and famines after the civil war due to its high calorie content, as well as being essential food for livestock.

The inflorescences are beautiful, depending on the variety they are pink, white or purple and hang from the branches like tears. They are pod-shaped, similar to green beans, but dried. The seeds are called carob and have properties you wouldn't imagine

As for the taste, it is sweet, as almost half of its composition is made up of natural sugars.

Carob chips: Some of the properties

High soluble fibre content, which takes care of your intestine.

It is low in fat, which is beneficial for you.

It contains important acids such as linoleic and oleic acid.

It has many minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus but above all calcium and antioxidants.

It has vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and D and is suitable for coeliacs.
One of the most important properties is its emulsifying capacity, this factor is decisive because it makes it an indispensable ingredient in ice cream and the pharmaceutical industry

Carob benefits

You have probably taken emulsions such as Almax, well, the emulsion is made with carob, which also reduces the irritation of the mucous membranes.

To obtain locust beans, the pods must be dried, roasted and crushed.

Is carob chocolate?

Carob is sometimes used as a substitute for cocoa because of its flavour, lower fat content, gluten-free and above all because it is not a natural excitant.

You can read more about carob in our blog


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