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Alphonso mango from Spain

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Alphonso mango uk

A sweet and tasty fruit with an unmatched quality and flavor, ideal to add the perfect touch to any recipe

The philosophy of our farm is based on delivering the fruit on demand, one hundred percent natural, without preservatives, with the primary objective of preserving all its natural flavor strives every day to maintain all the properties, vitamins and minerals of the "last generation", so that the consumer can fully enjoy it, benefiting from all the properties of the mango. A product infinitely healthier than the traditional fruit in syrup

Alphonso Mango season in Spain

The Alphonso Mango is a fruit originating from the south of India, but we managed to graft some trees in Southern Andalusia and the season time begins around september

India is a country with an interesting historical tradition. Rich in essences, flavors and aromas that do not leave indifferent those who visit it. This delicious variety of mango is characterized by its small size, its great taste and, above all, its intense golden color. The intense taste of the Alphonso mango brings a citric and sweet point at the same time, which gives an original and fresh touch to any recipe.

Properties of Alphonso mango

Mangoes stand out for being a fruit rich in nutrients, although it should be noted that their nutritional content may vary depending on the variety of mango and its degree of maturity

Mangoes are an important source of beta-carotene (which our body can use to synthesize vitamin A), providing considerable amounts of vitamins, minerals and phosphorus. In addition, mangoes are a good source of potassium, magnesium and fiber. Among the properties of this fruit it is worth mentioning that it helps to facilitate digestion, improve eye disorders, diabetes, sore throat, gum inflammation, bilious disorders and has important invigorating properties

Alphonso mango where to buy?

You can order alphonso mango online through our website but only during the season

The texture and flavor of Alphonso mango pulp make it a very versatile ingredient. A product suitable for all kinds of recipes and preparations, both sweet and savory. A healthy and fun way to consume fruit and benefit from all its properties

Alphonso mango pulp can be used to prepare very healthy breakfasts, either on its own or mixed with yogurt. You can also prepare smoothies with milk or coconut milk (for those who are lactose intolerant), and natural juices by adding water or natural juices to achieve exotic and fun flavors. In the kitchen it is an ingredient that gives a lot of play when making dressings, sauces, jams and chutneys

The options for Alphonso mango pulp are endless and its flavor is absolutely delicious. A journey for the senses that will conquer both children and adults.


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