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Spanish Macadamia nuts | Tienda de Fruta


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Macadamia nuts from Spain

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150 grams of unpeeled macadamia nuts

After waiting for many years we can proudly offer our macadamia nuts grown in Spain. Picked by hand one by one in Almunecar - La Herradura


Macadamia nut is a nut that can be eaten as a snack raw, roasted or in a nut brittle

On our Youtube channel we will upload a recipe to make nougat with chocolate macadamia nuts

High quality oils are also extracted from this fruit and used to nourish the hair or to be consumed in salads

Thanks to its quality and flavour nuances, its production has spread to many parts of the world.

Macadamia nuts benefits

Macadamia nuts are a food rich in nutrients essential for the proper functioning of our body. It is the fattiest nut, up to 75%, but most of them are beneficial: the fatty acids - omega 3 - are essential for the prevention of cerebrovascular episodes. They also help to control cholesterol due to their monounsaturated fat content.

Macadamia nuts nutrition

Another remarkable property is that they promote intestinal transit and thus alleviate constipation.

Similarly, they are high in calcium and phosphorus, which are essential for the formation of teeth and the skeleton of growing children

Finally, you should know that its oils contribute to the elasticity of your face

Are macadamia nuts good for you?

We are therefore talking about the finest nut in the world, with an almond flavour that varies over time; at the beginning of the harvest it tends to taste similar to coconut, but after a few months it is pure almond / hazelnut with sweet traces and very very creamy.

It is therefore an exclusive nut with a high demand and a significantly higher price than other nuts.

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