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Limequat is a hybrid between lime and kumquat.

Box with approximately 4kg.

Limequat is a citrus tree that has a bushy development. It produces a lot of fruit in relation to its size, even as a young plant

The fruit is oval-shaped, starts greenish and ends up yellow, has small stones or pips.

How does limequat taste?

The taste of the limequat is sweet although the pulp is bitter, these qualities are inherited from the lime

It is usually eaten whole, although it is perfect for crushing it in mojitos.

It is very rich in vitamin C, which prevents colds and boosts the immune system.

where does the limequat come from?

Its origin is China, but it is grown commercially in Japan, Spain, Israel, USA and Southeast Asia.

There are different varieties: Lakeland, Eustis, Tavares, the one we grow on our farm is Eustis.


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