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Fuerte avocado

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Best choice for your guacamole

In the world nothing is black and white, there are thousands of shades of grey, so we encourage you to try all our varieties of avocado grown in Andalusia

Personally I consider the Fuerte to be one of the best varieties we have because of its marked pine nut flavour. It is ideal. You can also prepare an avocado dressed with extra virgin olive oil and anchovies. Our avocados weigh more than 400gr. as they are harvested from December onwards

Fuerte avocado tree: Avocado pollinators

The strong avocado as well as the other varieties of avocado have many beneficial properties for your organism. Some of them are controlling blood pressure and improving cholesterol levels.

Its high potassium content makes it ideal for recovering after a marathon or long run

Fuerte avocado, when ripe?

There are many tricks, but depending on the variety you can tell by the colour, but what never fails is the texture of the skin. It is important not to constantly squeeze the avocado, but to lightly check if it is firm or if it is starting to soften.

What does a ripe avocado look like?

We recommend not trying to speed up the process, but if you need to, one way to do it is to remove the stalk, in a couple of days you will see how the colour changes to a more yellowish colour, but be careful, it is a double-edged sword, fungi can proliferate and ruin the pulp.

Fuerte avocado cultivation

This variety starts to ripen its fruits at the end of November, you will notice a radical change in flavour from December onwards, when it starts to accumulate healthy fat.

Fuerte avocado tree for sale

Please contact us if you desire to buy one of these beauties


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