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Dragon fruit cherimoya & mango box

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Buy dragon fruit, cherimoya & mango box direct from farmer

Box with approximately 4,5kg of mango, custard apple and pitaya, freshly picked from our farm.

The dimensions of the box are 39x29x14cm. The distribution is similar to the one shown in the photographs

Dragon fruit is also known as Pitaya. Some of its varieties are:

Hylocereus monacanthus, this variant has a pinkish outer skin and red flesh.

Hylocereus costaricensis, this variety of pitahaya has a pink outer skin and bright red inner flesh.

Hylocereus undatus, this pitaya has a pink outer skin and white flesh

Dragon fruit taste like?

The taste of the pitaya is very characteristic, usually reminiscent of the sweetness of watermelon, although it has citrus overtones

Dragonfruit can be eaten in pregnancy

In many places it is known as the queen of the night because its flower opens at dusk and remains open until dawn, when it dies if it is not pollinated

On our farm during the summer evenings we prepare for the flowering spectacle that this plant gives us. With a miner's helmet with its light, make-up brush in hand and a container with pollen, we prepare ourselves to pollinate each flower one by one as if we were bees

Dragon fruit good for diabetes:

For proper nutrition it is essential to vary our diet, introduce different foods and vary as much as possible the fruits and vegetables we eat to diversify the benefits they bring us

That is why we propose this varied pack with three exceptional fruits: mango, chirmoya and pitahaya, available in a small window of time between the end of autumn and the beginning of winter

In this box you will enjoy mango of the Keitt variety, the late variety of our farm with juicy pulp and a slight acid touch. Chirimoya campa or fino de Jete, characteristic for its sweetness and fragrance and finally the pitaya, which will have white or red flesh depending on availability

This tropical fruit pack will provide you with a range of very appealing and nutritious flavours

Dragon fruit where to buy?

Buying pitaya has never been so easy! You can now buy it directly from farmer!


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