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Monstera fruit

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Monstera deliciosa buy edible fruit. Monstera deliciosa is the fruit of Adam's rib

Our plants are over 30 years old, so their fruits do not contain oxalate and are suitable for human consumption.

They have a unique fragrance and an extraordinary taste similar to custard apple but with hints of sweet pineapple.

The origin of the monstera deliciosa

This exotic plant comes from Central America, you have probably seen it in many offices or even have one at home and never thought it could produce a fruit, let alone be so delicious.

Monstera variegata is a beautiful decorative plant with minimal care, which is why it is so popular

Adam's rib, known in our area as philodendron, is generally grown in shady areas as its origin is the undergrowth and does not want constant direct light, but thrives at the foot of other larger trees and climbs up their trunks.

In our municipality there are several specimens that climb palm trees and reach considerable heights of 8-10 metres.

Monstera care

It needs not very abundant watering, it prefers to be a little thirsty rather than waterlogged, so it is better if the soil drains well.

It appreciates in summer a refreshment in his leaves for what if you can pulverizale a little of water bearing in mind that it does not give him the direct sun because it could do effect magnifying glass and damage it.

It suffers when the temperature drops below +15ºC and exceeds 30ºC in summer.

For the multiplication of the monstera deliciosa, on our farm we cut cuttings during the summer and put them in bags with substrate that we will transfer to the ground after the winter.

We usually choose avocado trees so that they can climb up the bark, which is very characteristic for its grooves that facilitate the grip of the aerial roots that this plant creates as it grows.

Monstera deliciosa fruit: the taste of philodendron

The fruit of the monstera deliciosa, as its name suggests, is extraordinary; at first it looks like a cob, but as the days go by, the skin, which is made up of small hexagons, slowly peels off and begins to emanate a very intense fruity aroma that invites you to eat it.

You will know it is ready when the first quarter separates, to eat it you have to remove all the hexagons and the pulp will appear. It is worth mentioning that it has little prickles, so you have to be careful when eating it.

Monstera deliciosa cats and dogs

This tropical plant is potentially dangerous for your cat or dog. The mere fact of chewing it can cause burning or stabbing pain and even inflammation of the tongue and pharynx with the consequent danger of suffocation.


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