Papaya is imperial against difficult digestion. Its seeds, rich in antioxidants, are also said to protect us from the effects of aging... Here are the 5 benefits provided by this sunny super food.

Papaya is one of the superfoods to be favoured in our diet, especially when winter and the cold weather come. Rich in fibre and low in calories, this fruit, which grows in tropical countries such as Mexico, the Philippines, Brazil and India - which is the world's leading producer of papayas - should be added to your breakfasts or snacks to fill up on vitamins. In a smoothie or whole, to drink or to eat with a spoon, the papaya is full of surprises and can be eaten here from October to December. As far as health is concerned, it is full of promises as it is said to help slim down and improve eyesight! Here is a brief overview of this pod-shaped fruit.

The surprising benefits of papaya

Rich in fibre and papain (a digestive enzyme), papaya promotes digestion and combats transit problems. It rebalances the intestinal flora, particularly in the case of antibiotic treatment. Papaya is also said to have the power to improve eyesight! Indeed, the carotenoids present in the fruit protect the retina against UV rays. Zeaxanthin protects against cataracts and macular degeneration.