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Maracuja Passion fruit box | Les Fruits Exotiques


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Maracuja Passion Fruit

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Box of approximately 4.5 kg of fruit

The Maracuja passion fruit is a tropical fruit that is very rich in vitamins

The passion fruit is very juicy, oval in shape and between 3 and 9 centimetres in diameter. Its flesh contains small edible seeds.

The antioxidant properties of passion fruit prevent skin ageing. They also protect the cornea against ultraviolet rays.

This exotic fruit contains a lot of fibre, which helps to combat intestinal transit and constipation.

How to eat passion fruit

We recommend eating it raw or whipping it into juices, but it is very versatile and can be used in smoothies, mousses or as a cake topping.

To eat it, cut it in half and scoop out the pulp with a spoon. The outer skin is not edible

Passion fruit plant

This climbing plant has large green leaves with soothing properties that you can find on our site.

The flower is beautiful and edible, very aromatic and rich in minerals, and is much appreciated by our bees who do an impressive job of pollinating it.

When is passion fruit ripe?

To know when the passion fruit is ripe, you have to wait until the skin is partially wrinkled. When all the sugar is concentrated, it looks like a black pepper.

Passion fruit Martini

The taste of passion fruit is sweet with a peak of acidity at the end. On our farm we also grow passion fruit (yellow) and grenadilla (rather reddish), the latter being the sweetest of the three varieties. We will keep you informed of the availability of these exotic summer fruits.

What is the difference between passion fruit and maracuja?

The difference between the passion fruit and the maracuja is that they are two different fruits.

The passion fruit is larger, ripens yellow and has a golden yellow interior, while the maracuja is purple and more acidic.

In our box we will mix the two varieties according to availability, but if you are only interested in one variety, please contact us.

Where to buy passion fruit & maracuja online?

You can place your order on our website, we will try to send the fruit at different stages of ripeness.

Please note that the fruit should be eaten when it is shriveled, as it is less aesthetically pleasing, but the aroma is concentrated in this way.

The passion flower can be used in salads, it is edible and very tasty.


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