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Cherimola & avocado exotic box online

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Cherimoyas are difficult to ship during winter time therefore we don't recommend shipping this product abroad between november and february. It will be at your own risk if you order out of these dates, no refund will be made in the event of damage upon arrival

Please note: All international shippings are sent ONLY on mondays, if done during the week it will be delivered the following Monday

Buy fresh avocado and cherimola online

Now you can enjoy your two favourite fruits: avocado and custard apple.

You will receive at home directly from the farmer a box with approximately 4,5kg. with avocados and custard apples picked expressly for you, with all the flavour as when you eat them in Almuñécar. The dimensions of the box are 38x29x14cm.

The variety of avocado that coincides with the custard apple season will depend on when the order is placed and the level of ripeness of the avocados. Roughly speaking, the custard apple will be accompanied by bacon avocados during the autumn. Throughout the winter it will be the strong variety that will be included and in the spring, until the end of the custard apple stock, we will include rough avocados in this special assortment

Cherimoya are a nutritional treat. Nowadays it is considered a superfood

Its creamy taste and coconut fragrance make it spectacular.

Its bad reputation is unfounded, as it can help you lose weight due to its satiating properties. It contains a lot of fibre and regulates blood glucose peaks.

Cherimoya benefits

Potassium: It contains a high potassium content. Potassium helps to metabolize carbohydrates and is very beneficial for the brain.

Copper: Facilitates the synthesis of chemicals in our body and contains an enzyme for the production of collagen,

Vitamin C: it is one of the fruits with more abundance of this vitamin.

Vitamin B6: Studies indicate that it prevents Parkinson's disease and generates dopamine and serotonin, the hormone of pleasure.

Calcium: Custard apples help against osteoporosis.

Cherimoya tree for sale

The custard apple plant is called custard apple; it is a very resilient tree with a large size that usually occupies about 30 m2 of land.

It requires special handling that will favour its productivity and longevity.

We can prepare a plant if you want to plant it in your garden so that you can enjoy this delicacy without leaving your home.


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