Sponsor a tree

Sponsor a Tropical Fruit Tree from our farm: Enjoy Your Fruit and Support Our Project

Do you want to enjoy fresh exotic fruits in advance of the harvest season? Do you want to help promote a sustainable lifestyle? Why not sponsor a tropical fruit tree on our farm?

We have the ideal solution for you.

We have thousands of fruit trees on our farm, located in La Herradura on the Costa Tropical, Spain. Our aim is to grow top quality fruit, offering the best possible quality. We are committed to preserving the environment and promoting responsible agriculture.

Through our sponsor a tree programme, you can help us to sustainably harvest the fruits of the earth and enjoy your own tropical fruit tree. You will be part of a bigger project, helping us to reclaim natural spaces and promoting a responsible lifestyle.
Benefits of Sponsoring a Tropical Fruit Tree

By sponsoring a tree you will receive from us:

  •     Freshness: Fruit harvested at the optimum moment of ripeness.
  •     Quality: Our tropitop trees guarantee the best quality.
  •     Practicality: Harvest and delivery of fruit to your door.
  •     Experience: A unique stay at our farm in La Herradura, with a guided tour and the chance to see your fruit tree.

All the tropical fruits you will receive at home are safely harvested from our trees to guarantee freshness and quality. Our Herradura Coffee Farm is located 1000 metres from the Mediterranean Sea, which makes the taste sensation unique. So why not join this project and enjoy its fruits?

Visit our Farm

If you are interested in sponsoring a tree, take a look around our farm to see the different tropical trees we have. Here you will find a varied selection of exotic fruits such as carambola (star fruit), kiwi, tamarind, yellow pitahaya, mangos, avocados, anona and citrus caviar.

In addition to sponsoring a tree, you can also enjoy activities related to agriculture and nature. You can visit other plantations, such as specialty coffee, medicinal plants, exotic plants and tropical plants. You can become more familiar with the products of our farm, we also have a carefully selected range of merchandising items.
Want to help?

Sponsor a Tree

You can join our programme to sponsor a tropical tree while respecting the environment and avoiding the excessive use of pesticides. To sponsor a tree, all you have to do is fill in a form and choose the type of tree you want.

There are several options, from sponsoring an individual tree to sponsoring a group of trees. You can receive fresh fruit from your tropical fruit tree, or if you choose to sponsor a tree in solidarity, you can send the fruit wherever you wish. And as a bonus, you will get a geo-referenced diploma to locate your tree whenever you want.

If you sponsor a tree you will have the opportunity to enjoy the tropical fruits of your own tree during the summer months, and you will also get a unique experience, visiting your tree on our farm and making our idea of sustainable agriculture a reality.

Join us today to sponsor a tree and enjoy the tropical fruit from your tree! This is a great way to contribute to the environment and support our sustainable agriculture project.

Help Recover Natural Spaces

In addition to sponsoring a tropical fruit tree from our farm, we are also looking for sponsors (companies, individuals and institutions) to help us plant 10,000 native trees on the natural landfills we are restoring. Our aim is to restore the environment and recover the Spanish forests that have been damaged by human activity.

If you want to be part of this initiative and help us restore natural areas, join our programme today and sponsor a tree!
Join us today!

Our cultivation methods respect the environment and we have a responsible plantation to offer top quality tropical fruits. Our project aims to encourage responsible consumption and preserve the environment for future generations.

Join our sustainable production programme today and sponsor a tropical fruit tree! Receive your own fresh fruit and be part of an environmentally friendly cultural initiative! Enjoy the natural fruits of your tree and join us in contributing to sustainable agriculture! It's the best way to support our sustainable living project!