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Oranges online

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A guarantee of freshness and of bringing them to your home with the highest quality.

We want to offer you the best natural oranges in the easiest and most convenient way.

At we encourage you to buy oranges online directly and with the highest quality from the tree to your home in one day.

The best quality guarantee is that our oranges are harvested from the tree when you finalize your order on the web, this means that we have no stock, no refrigeration chambers or any treatment for preservation or maturation, everything is natural.

Our oranges are the best because they are just as we pick them: 100% natural.

We grow oranges and tropical fruits on our farm in La Herradura, you can travel through our tropical orchard by drone.

We irrigate thanks to the Rio Jate which gives us enough water to store in the summer and we do not damage the aquifer of La Herradura.

The magic ingredients to offer you this authentic flavour are the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, the sun that does not shine more than 300 days a year and the fertile soil that gives us that extra quality.

Apart from oranges, we grow other citrus fruits such as caviar lemons, Buddha's hand, kaffir lime, bergamot, grapefruit, kumquats and limequats, all of which are always in season and harvested when you ask for them. We can affirm that we are citrus fruit specialists. is our loudspeaker as farmers to get in touch with you, consumer and friend who wants to know first hand where it comes from what you eat and want to put a face to your trusted farmer.


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