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Kiwano fruit

In we have always been committed to offer you surprising and fun fruits and vegetables

From the kumquat to the vitelotte potatoes (the ones with purple flesh!), without forgetting those strangely green mandarins (the Satsuma) and those little orange balls called medlar.

Let's face it: you've seen it all! Admit it, you like it, and you're dying to discover other new fruits and vegetables in your boxes.... And you won't be disappointed, this time we present you the kiwano!

Also called horned melon, or horned cucumber, or melano, and even chin etc etc... we tell you all about it (well, the essentials), and of course, some tips for cooking it!

A bit of information about this fruit-vegetable originally from Africa and grown on our farm La Herradura.

Yes, this funny spiky thing is a fruit-vegetable of the cucurbitaceae family (like melon and cucumber). Its texture is reminiscent of passion fruit: gelatinous and with edible seeds.

In terms of taste, it is similar to banana, kiwi and even cucumber. Discovered in Central Africa, its cultivation developed in New Zealand before reaching our continent.

Kiwanis are easy to store. Great, just leave it at room temperature in a fruit basket! However, be careful to NEVER store it in the refrigerator or near fruits that give off ethylene (apples or bananas, for example).

How to eat a kiwano melon?

You don't need to be prepared to eat kiwano! A knife and a spoon are enough. I cut my kiwano in half crosswise and squeeze out the pulp from the center. I scrape it with the spoon and put it in my mouth. A little trick to get the flesh out faster: I make crosswise incisions on the inside and press! It's easy, isn't it?

You can enjoy the raw pulp in many recipes for juices, smoothies and even sorbets. If you don't like the seeds, run the kiwano pulp through a strainer to make it creamier. Besides (and just between us), you can hardly smell them

Kiwano fruit

Have you noticed the bright green flesh? Now imagine how much kiwano can enhance your homemade fruit salads... We're already convinced. We're already convinced. We also tried kiwano baked in small cakes! That's original, but we have something even crazier: a fruity kiwano sauce! What for, you ask? Well, to accompany your white meats, fish and even seafood (it seems that the pairing with a salmon tartar is delicious)!

You have read this entire article... Congratulations! Just in case, here's one last tip to take advantage of kiwano: use the rind as a decorative bowl or cup. your salads will be a great success!

Kiwano melon taste

Kiwano has a taste similar to kiwi, banana and cucumber. It can be easily stored at room temperature for up to one month. To eat it is very simple: I rinse the fruit and cut it crosswise. Then I can squeeze out one half or dig in with a spoon to get the jelly. The seeds are a bit tasteless, so I can spit them out and eat just the pulp. The kiwano can be eaten raw in a fruit salad or cooked with fish, for example.

We are committed to respecting the seasons of all the products sold on our website. And anyway, it is always better!

Kiwano fruit:

The kiwano, also known as the horned melon or African horned cucumber, is a vegetable of the cucurbitaceae family. Its skin is dotted with large thorns and its flesh is fruity, very colorful and refreshing.

kiwano melon: fruit or vegetable?

The kiwano is considered a traditional vegetable in several African countries. Not only the fruit is eaten, but also the leaves. Cooked like spinach, they are served with peanut butter.


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