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Bacon avocado

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What is bacon avocado?

This box contains approximately 4,5kg. around 16-20 units

Please note: All international shippings are sent ONLY on mondays, if done during the week it will be delivered the following Monday

Avocado bacon properties:

bacon, thin and smooth skin, less fat, it is an avocado with less calories but with a wild flavour in winter.

Avocado is very good for athletes because of its high potassium content

The bacon avocado is the best in winter because it has accumulated enough fat to open up its notes of pine nuts and dried fruits

On our farm in Spain we focus on quality and slow ripening of the fruit, which is why we promote Slow Food

This bacon avocado is the best for poke bowl and guacamole, so if you are looking to surprise your customers do not hesitate to go for it

We can also send avocado leaves to make avocado leaf tea.

As you already know it is a very good fruit for children, athletes and pregnant women.
In nature there are two fruits with fat in their composition, the coconut which contains saturated fat, and the avocado which has monounsaturated fat.

Your deli sandwich must-have avocado


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